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Outdoor Seating, 24″x48″

The White House, 24″x48″

Post Office, 32″x48″

Drop, 48”x24”, $1200

Burn, 48”x32”, $1400

Stripes, 48”x36”, $1500

Door in the Dark, 36”x48”, $1500

Canted Corner, 36”x48”, $1500

Remember When, 36”x48”, $1500

Bewildered, 32”x48”, $1400

Blue, 32”x48”, $1400

Signal-to-Noise, 24”x48”, $1200

Relativity, 24”x18”, $600

Didn’t See You II, 36”x24”, $900

Make It Rain, 36”x36”, $1200

Blue Sky Blue, 36”x36”, $1200

White Light, 40”x40”, $1300

Gapped Scale, 18”x24”, $900

Flying Horses II, 18”x24”, $900

Slow Train, 32”x48”, $1300

Switchyard, 24”x48”, $1200

Submersion, 32”x48”, $1300

Up the Ghost of Saturday Night, 36”x48”, $1400

Into the Void (diptych), 48”x96”, $2400

Chocolate City (diptych), 48”x96”, $2400

Huey P. May Ice in Cold Weather, 32”x48”, $1300

Heavy Traffic Ahead, 36”x48”, $1400

Leftover, 48”x36”, $1400


October 13, 2019

Kaori Maeyama