• Gold Tchoupitoulas, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Silver Elysian, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Peripheral, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Run It VI: Getaway, oil on panel, 48"x24"
  • St. Claude Crossing, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Land of Dreams, oil on panel, 12"x24"
  • Fugitive Kind, oil on panel, 18"x14"
  • Run It IX: River Road, oil on panel, 24"x16"
  • Run It VII: Courthouse, oil on panel, 36"x48"
  • Water Plant, oil on panel, 36"x48"
  • ICE, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Run It VIII: Broadway, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Mark's, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Skyway II, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Low Beam, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Shadow Dance, oil on panel, 16"x32"
  • Favorite Thing, oil on panel, 24"x16"
  • Shelter, oil on panel, 18"x24"
  • Broad Billboard, oil on panel, 18"x24"
  • Freedom Machine, oil on panel, 12"x24"
  • Run It X: St. Roch, oil on panel, 12"x24"
  • Run It XI: St. Claude, oil on panel, 12"x18"

Gold Tchoupitoulas (32”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Silver Elysian (32”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Peripheral (23-1/2”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Run It VI: Getaway (48”x24-1/8” x1-3/4″, 2020)

St. Claude Crossing (23-1/2”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Land of Dreams (12”x24”x2”, 2020)

Fugitive Kind (18”x14”x3/4”, 2021)

Run It IX: River Road (24”x16” x1-3/4″, 2021)

Run It VII: Courthouse (36”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Water Plant (36”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

ICE (32”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Run It VIII: Broadway (32”x48” x1-3/4″, 2020)

Mark’s (23-1/2”x48” x1-3/4″, 2021)

Skyway II (24-1/8”x48” x1-3/4″, 2021)

Low Beam (24”x48” x1-3/4″)

Shadow Dance (16”x32” x1-3/4″)

Favorite Thing (24”x16” x1-3/4″, 2021)

Shelter (18”x24”x3/4”, 2021)

Broad Billboard (18”x24”x3/4”, 2021)

Freedom Machine (12”x24”x2”, 2021)

Run It X: St. Roch (12”x24”x2”, 2021)

Run It XI: Claiborne (12”x18”x1-3/4”, 2021)