Tchoupitoulas is the name of the street that runs beside the Mississippi in New Orleans. The word is believed to mean, in Choctaw, “those who reside at the river.”

Glanced through a dark glass, the nocturnal inhabitants float along in perpetual distortion and malalignment. Layers of paint are brayered and squeegeed in an attempt to preserve each passing moment.

Exhibition dates: August 8 – September 6, 2020 @ Staple Goods: 1340 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

  • Silencio, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Tchoupitoulas, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Oblique, oil on panel, 36"x48"
  • Run It II, oil on panel, 48"x24"
  • We Love 'Em Tonight, oil on panel, 36"x48"
  • Glimmer, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Blue Velvets, oil on panel, 32"x48"
  • Fast Talker, oil on panel, 36"x48"
  • Big Pink, oil on panel, 24"x48"
  • Run It, oil on panel, 24"x12"